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my rusted tree

Long time no see
07 March 2008

well its definitly been quite an outing away from the tree. no one will probably see this post. but thats cool. just felt like typin somethin up, as i can't get to the myspace at the moment. i hope all is well with everyone that i have troubles keepin in touch with. (mostly cause i hardly ever email anymore) right now i'm down here on Kodiak island, which is just southwest of anchorage. we are on a mission called arctic care, that my command takes part in every year, where we provide medical support, and veterinary support to the native villages about different parts of alaska. Right now i'm in a small village known as Ouzinkee....i believe thats how you spell it. i'm probably wrong though. Its actually a nice little place here on kodiak island. the people are really freindly and grateful for the military providing the support they do. And the sights about the island as well are just gorgeous. I have taken pictures, that won't go up till i get back home, that do little justice for the place. just breath taking. i've been at this village for about a 5 days now, and will be heading back to the main staging area of kodiak pretty soon. weather permiting of course. as for the past couple days its either been raining or slushing on us. rather dreadfull...yet reminds me of seattle. now i'm sick as a dog, and all i wanna do is rest, and get back home. my whole body is achin somethin fierce.
but yeah. the town folk are awesome as i've said. such a wonderful opportunity for me to be able to partake in such an excercise and see these places, and meet these people who have nothing but love and warm hospitality for us. They put on a cultural dance for us...i believe it was a couple days ago. I thought it was a damn good sight to see. some may not, but there's just somethin about it, i don't know. this whole trip, to me, has been such a good learning experience, and will be something i will always cherish and hold with me.
Again i hope all is well with everyone. when i get back sometime within the next week, i'll post up my pictures, probably on the myspace or some other medium. take care to who all checks in and reads this.
peace and chicken grease
space mountain

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Stoppin in for Greetings
14 August 2007

Whats the dilly y'all. Haven't really been checkin blogs and the myspaces all that much so i figured i'd jump by and say my usually, monthly or so greeting. Hope all is well in the world of my fellow tree lurkers.
Not really much has gone on in the past month. My 360 is out of commision at the moment, and i'm waitin on microsoft to send me a shipping container to send them my unit so they can fix it. i was hopin to have it to them and back before it was time to finish the fight on halo 3, but it doesn't look like that'll be possible. at least from what i've read on a few forums on how microsoft's service is like. but other than the failure of my godlike console, not much has been goin on. the neighbors i have up here, got me into World of Warcraft, and that has....well...pretty much consumed my time. or at least a good majority of it. Definitly a great game if yer into those types of games. So if any of y'all play shoot me an email, or place a comment with yer realm and character name, and lets see if we can hook up in that lil universe of time wastin.
I'll be gettin back into school here soon...after like 2 years of not doin any of that crap, i'll be goin back in. I have no idea why, i guess i'm just bored or somethin. Its an internet course so at least i'll have that goin for me.
ah well. i'm runnin outta things to blabber about. prolly head back to WoW or do some readin. y'all have a good one. till next time.
peace and chicken grease
Space Mountain

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Checkin in...and oh yeah DSL sucks
08 July 2007

whats the dilly fuckers?! well i know i promised the pics up from the drive to alaska, and i have ta say i haven't gotten to that yet. workin on unpacking, organizing all our shit, and gettin this wireless crap hooked up with our stupid ass DSL. i swear i hate DSL. but yet its better than our cable internet from what I hear. but ah well. another bitch for another day. i mostly wanted to stop in, let you all know i'm still alive, and haven't forgotten bout y'all. even if i don't call. but yeah. not much is goin on. between studyin for some proctors i got this comin friday. tryin to get my xbox up and runnin, lookin into gettin a side job, and all the bs that comes with unpackin our crap....well thats what i have been up to. today however...well kinda like yesterday and today. i've been up to some good ole, much missed drinkin. between jose quervo and captain morgans tattoo i've been pretty happy. well i took like 4 shots of patron last night. and after that kicked me in the balls, i was feelin pretty good. but today its just the tattoo. i got no quervo left, and i gotta work tomorrow, so no patron. that might be a little much. but yeah i hope all is well. for those of ya, i got a new email, i'm gonna be usin for keepin in touch with everyone, as my hotmail is fillin up with lots of spam, and junk mail that its gettin a little hard to sort through. so i'll be sendin that email out shortly...(i'll be sendin it out through my hotmail with the new email address) so yeah. sorry for not postin the pics, but i'm sure i'll get them up at some point. so please be patient like you all have been...even if you don't really like bein so.

peace and chicken grease
space mountain

p.s. oh yeah, the pic above is from a fuckin awesome movie called hot fuzz. if you liked shawn of the deat you'll love this. its from the same dudes...obviously, and a great brit/american cop movie. awesome shit.

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Land of the Midnight Sun
14 June 2007

Well I shall say that that title is very fitting for the state of alaska. The damn sun is constantly fuckin with my head. just when you think its gonna set and give you peace....uh uh. that son of a bitch comes right back up. that and with it always up, you kinda get the sense of what insomnia's all about.
oh yeah! forgot. for those that do know, and for those that don't, i have finally left the state of washington and found my way up to fairbanks alaska, for my next duration in the military. i do say, i am a bit excited. i finally get a chance at a real life as a vet tech...you know working in a clinic. course i don't know shit right now, so i'm a bit scared about walkin in the front door and say hey, i'm the knew guy. i've been in a lab, and then pretendin to be a food inspector, as well as playin infantry for the past 5 years or so...so yeah, can you teach me my job. :) great first impressions....and long lasting memories.
but plenty of time to talk about that later. fixin to eat dinner and get ready for my last day of inprocessing tomorrow, so i gotta get to the meat of this thing.
we (angel and I) drove up here from washington, and at first the thought did seem a bit of a bitch to accomplish...well at least for her. she doesn't like long drives and or stayin awake while in a car in general. for me i didn't care. i've made longer trips, both times comin from maryland with aces. so i knew i was gonna be good, i just was worried that we weren't gonna be makin any sorts of good time. but, much to our surprise, we did.
for her part, it was a little hard to not enjoy the ride. the scenary while driving through canada, british columbia and yukon territory, was fuckin outstandin. beautiful mind you. that and all the damn free roamin animals we saw. and i will be havin pictures of them when we get them back ourselves, so no worries. but needless to say, between the weather bein perfect, and the damned fine sights that not alot of people get to see, the trip was a big success in my eyes.
we've got our place about a week ago. its town housy like. two bedrooms, and a bathroom on the top floor, and a livin room, kitchen and a small foyer area on the bottom. its a really nice place for not a bad price from what i've seen of how costly alaska can be. and a shit load closer then the 25 miles i was drivin, just to get to work, back in washington.
anyways. dinner is ready, and i wanted to post somethin before i totally forgot again. my household goods should be arriving sometime next week, and with that i should be gettin my cable shortly after and gettin back on halo 2 for those of you who are still on.
peace and chicken grease
~space mountain

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for those of you who don't know, i've been in the middle of a move for a few weeks now, and am nearing the end of it. should be in my new apartment with internet by friday, so i'll be tryin to get some updating done by the end of this weekend, as i go back to work on monday. yeah.... so till then peace and chicken grease

space mountain

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